Friday, January 27, 2012

8B7 2012

Hi Everyone

I have kept our 8B7 blog so that we can refer back to the amazing cathedral Reggio learning that we did in years to come!!

For the fabulous learning that 8b7 are doing in 2012 please go to

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Video of our Great Cathedral

Hi Everyone!
There is a video of our Great Cathedral Assembly, unfortunately it is far too large to get onto utube and the blog but if you would like to see the video please bring a USB stick into school and Mrs Stewart will copy it onto that for you!

If it is too difficult for you to do this, this year please bring it in at the beginning of 2012 and it can be done then!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Yesterday we had an assembly to reveal our Great Grand Cathedral, we had Dean Peter Beck, Mr Craig Dixon from the Cathedral and Mayor Kelvin Coe with us to celebrate!
Here are some photos of our assembly

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Alara's Letter to John Key

Dear Mr John Key, I am Alara and I am emailing you here from Rolleston in Christchurch on behalf of my classroom at Rolleston Primary School. About a month after the Feburary earthquake our classroom wanted to do our part to help Christchurch. This was when our journey started. Our learning system was called Reggio. This is when we chose a Subtopic that we where interested in. Our classrooms main topic was Natural Disasters. Some of us chose to study the Pacific Ring of fire. Others were interested in the Japan disaster. Some people did a project on predicting earthquakes and the plates under the ground. But the biggest group was the Christchurch group. Some of the group wanted to research the damage of christchurch and some of us wanted to do the rebuild. We did one school term of research and then we had to start deciding what our project was going to be. When it came to that, the Damage of Christchurch group had major troubles; how do you make something that resolves and fixes the damage of Christchurch? They thought and thought and thought and in the end the Rebuild group and the Damaged Christchurch group would join together to both make a BRAND NEW Cathedral for our city! With the knowledge of the Damaged Cathedral group and the Rebuild Cathedral group we could possibly make the best model cathedral in all of New Zealand. Some of our best pieces of research were that wood and steel were the best remedy for building a strong structure. On the very last week of term we would get a wriggle on; We started to make a Cardboard cathedral. Our base was about a 2.3 x 2.3 square piece of cardboard. We made walls for it and we had very daintily stuck them onto the base but that was when disaster struck. Somebody leant and fell back on one of the walls we hadn't fully secured yet. Then we thought, How are we going to get this out of this classroom? Since our journey was still young and our model Cathedral was still reasonably small we thought we could still get it out of the class room. We thought wrong. We got the Cathedral totally squished and thats when we took a step back from our creation and we decided to get some parent help as our teacher, Mrs Stewart couldn't help us and the other projects all at the same time. One of the children in our class offered to see if their Father could come in to help out and give us a little bit of advice. Mr Tikey took the offer up before you could say "We can do it!". Once he came everybody started working harder than ever! With his help we had to make the biggest decision ever; Are we going to get rid of the Cardboard cathedral? The reason we had to do this was; 1) Mr Tikey had bought some ULTRA strong polystyrene that we didn't know what to do with and that would be perfect to build a whole cathedral with. 2) Once we had carried the massive cathedral through the door it had been squashed so badly that we couldn't fix it. We all had a major descusion and in the end some said that if we were going to spend all year making this we had better make it good. Others said this is what makes us come to school every day and we want it to be the best creation we have ever made and maybe one of the last creations we will ever make in 2011. With that we pulled down the cathedral and had our minds set on a new cathedral that people will come from miles around to see. We slotted the pieces of polystyrene and got to work. Now, thats all we want to tell you. The reason my classroom, 8B7, is emailing you today is because we want to ask you a big favor. On Monday the 5th of December 2011 we are having a major assembly to reveal Our Great Grand Cathedral. We have so far invited the Dean Peter Beck, Christchurch press to do a story on it, 3 News to report, TVNZ to report, Bob Parker and a few other people that provided us with a few things along the way. Another reason for coming to our Great Grand reveal for our Cathedral would be that you can hear the rest of the story and look at a Cathedral that our whole school thinks is one of the most amazing things that you could ever imagine from 26 Year 6 pupils. We hope you could consider this A.S.A.P. If you could contact us us on Yours sincerly, Alara

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Heart of the Matter - Reggio Discussion

Lochlan started the discussion by saying... "We shouldn't have a broken heart, cause it's a new cathedral."
The conversation continued...
Oscar: Hearts were broken because of the earthquake but now they are
not cause the cathedral is new. What if you missed the words?
Travis: the broken one will make people sad.
Laura: I think its fine, maybe we could change the words to we did fix
Zane: I don’t know why we need a heart.
Alara: We would put something along the lines of kia kaha let’s build our new city together. I saw that in the
red zone.
Zane: What will we do then cause we have fixed the thing.
Laura: I don’t think its fair on Natasha. She spent ages on the broken heart.
Molly: We can keep the broken heart & have a picture of the old cathedral above it.
Josh: With the broken heart we are stuck in the past.
Molly: Don’t you want to remember though?
Josh: Yes cause its been there for years.
Travis & Conner: Its life move on...
Josh: we could have a full heart.
Oscar: maybe on one wall we could have one broken heart and the old cathedral but then on the other wall we
could have a full heart
Natasha: Put the whole one on the wall rather than painting another one.
Emily: You could have one half full and one half crushed.
Zane: you could put it around the rose window.
Oscar: that would look weird
Alara: Emily’s idea is good but you don’t want to forget the past.
Josh: But we are not talking about the earthquake it’s about the cathedral.
Oscar: We need to say kia kaha because we don’t know what we will go through in the future.
Zane: maybe we should start now!
Oscar: Maybe we should draw up idea’s on the board and put names under the idea’s we want and have a vote.
6 children go to the whiteboard and get started.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hearts for Christchurch

Hearts for Christchurch.
I love the new fresh feeling of children singing and dancing to my choir and organs. Sing songing to the squeals of laughter, prayers of happiness and my world back to the way it used to be but only better this time.

I was crumbling, all lonely and weeping to the ghostly sounds of the fading city all around me. The lights of hope slowly fight their way through to become part of what Christchurch used to be. I was sneezing the dust of my broken city that must and would be fixed.

The earthquake alarmed me, hearing the curdling cries of death and panic and the clouds of dust invading my worried city.

My eyes were blinded by the unbelievable loss of my soul mates, friends and family. It was bringing me down. I could be restored but there would always be a lonely ache in my heart for the loss that can never be replaced.

Already, the ground beneath me feels stronger. I thought my tradesmen would take longer to do their necessary repairs- but no- just like you and I, they felt the time was right to restore our city’s heart.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our grand museum trip!!!

It was the best day ever for a class trip to the Canterbury museum!It was the sunniest morning with no wind at all!It was perfect!

Our class, 8b7, drove to the museum with help from some of our parents and grandparents!In front of the museum there was some amazing photos of all around the world!There we had some morning tea!We also saw there was a window similar to the rose window on the front of the museum too!

Once we finished our morning tea, we silently crept into the museum and we were taught about photographers and how to take portrait pictures with our camera that they gave to us to borrow.We were taught by a lady who's nickname was 'Whea'.We took portraits of each other and she printed them out for us.She also talked to us about Brian Brake (photographer) and focusing with a camera and also the lighting. The reason for this was because we wanted to take good photos of our Cathedral building.

After the lesson was over, we had a walk through the Botanical gardens.We saw the peacock gardens and the beautiful flowers. Near by the playground we ate lunch.

Then we got a choice of staying and having the look around in the gardens or going and having a look around in the museum.My group and I chose to look around in the museum.We all had a go on the horse and the bike with the big front wheel!We had lots of fun, we even pretended to be a mummy!

At 1:30pm when we all finished looking around, Mrs Stewart called us in and we walked in groups up to the gates in front of the Cathedral.We couldnt see the Cathedral too well because of a red dome blocking it but i could see a huge hole in the Cathedral and it was very upsetting.We got a class photo and got back to school.It was a fun, wonderful and awesome class trip to the museum!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mr Dixon

Mr Dixon came in to help us with our Reggio by giving us information about the old Cathedral, which we all found very exciting. He also gave us the plans for the new cardboard Cathedral and about where the new cardboard Cathedral will be. Mr Dixon knew all this because he works at the Cathedral as the marketing and development manager. He helped us make a wooden effect for the model of the new cathedral we are making by painting the cardboard a dark brown colour, waiting until it dries and then painting over in a lighter colour and while it is still wet get a pencil or the tip of a paintbrush and make little lines going over the place to make it look like good wood instead of just plain brown! Mr Dixon has been very helpful and we hope to talk to him again.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Christchurch Rap by Scribe